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Love Now Media is raising $100,000.00 for programs and operating expenses for 2019.

Year-End Love Campaign 2018

Love Now Media is raising $100,000 towards our 2019 programs! In just 2 years, Love Now Media has proven to offer a groundbreaking model for storytelling and community building. In this short time, we have produced over 25 events, 4 publications, a web series, and 3 wellness-themed talk shows. In 2019, we will collect stories and offer programs nationwide.

About Love Now Media
Love Now Media’s is an empathy-centered distribution company that uses storytelling to advocate for social justice and wellness. We lead impact-focused conversations and activities that produce outcomes. We partner with universities, museums, and communities on the brink of change. We define the love in our work as community love or philia love as opposed to romantic or eros love. We use justice, wellness, and equity as a guide for the kinds of love stories we're interested in highlighting, and we partner with people working to build structures that advance work related to these areas: Racial justice, Economic justice, LGBT Rights, Mental Wellness, Physical Wellness, Food Access, Housing, Education, Employment.



$100,000 GOAL

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